2017. december 21., csütörtök

2017. november 29., szerda

2017. november 22., szerda

Two exhibitions: "Charon's boat" in Artezi Gallery and "Mysterious landscapes" in Szent József Ház

Here is the slideshow album with optional music of two exhibitions: "Charon's boat" in Artezi Gallery and "Mysterious landscapes" by Géza Nemeth in Szent József Ház, Budapest 3rd district. See the Web Gallery as well!

2017. november 16., csütörtök

Exhibitons and events in Artezi Gallery

A slideshow album was created to present photos of exhibitions and events in Artezi Gallery, Budapest 3rd district. The art leader of the gallery is Geza Nemeth who has a separate album dedicated to his own works and related events.

2017. szeptember 18., hétfő

4ArC.hu : Photography for Arts, Culture, Crafts with Sightseeing in Budapest Hungary

Because I very much like
Arts, Culture and Crafts, and also Photography and Sightseeing,
I've created a new site at the address: 4arc.hu 

My slogan:
Photography for Arts and Culture := 4ARC
in accordance with that myOWLS' gallery is dedicated to my 4GRANDCHILDEN.


Parish Church of St. Elizabeth, Pesterzsébet, Budapest 20. district

On a cold day at the end of December I took a walk in Budapest 20. district. See my Web Gallery of a catholic church!